Some of my favorite moments while photographing a wedding are the tears and laughs that are shared before the bride and groom meet.  Below is an example from a wedding I recently did in Saint Andrew’s, New Brunswick where the bridesmaids were tearing up and laughing together while getting ready.



How It All Began…

Mother’s Day 2016, I was at Church taking photographs for a Prophetic Conference that was being held all weekend. Sunday morning, the power went out and we lit the Church building using candles. They flickered ever so beautifully and thought that they were worth capturing, remembering how we managed to successfully run a large service with no power.
That morning, I received a word from the man of God that changed my life forever. Little did I know that the very picture of the candles was linked to my future. He spoke over me encouraging words about my involvement with our Church development and different giftings that God has placed inside me.
After the service was finished, I walked into the foyer to his book table to shake his hand and give thanks for his ministering that weekend. As we’re talking, he speaks a second encouraging word over me, that something great was going to happen to me in August. Which seemed odd at the time, as I had nothing planned– but I kept a hopeful heart.
Fast forward a few weeks after posting the photos from the Prophetic Conference online… A woman I attend church with messaged me with a compliment on the candle image and inquired about an outdoor family photo shoot. She asked me what my price was and I looked at my husband and asked, “What’s my price?”
After the shoot was finished, I thanked the woman for her kindness in asking that I photograph her and her family. I mentioned that she’s more than welcome to do whatever she would desire with the finished product, but that I won’t have any need for the photos afterwards.
The woman decided to post the photos to her social media page, to which came more inquires about who took her family photos and if that person was available for hire. AUGUST 1, 2016 was the day I decided to open up my Facebook page for anyone else who was interested in a photo shoot, until the day came that I had nothing scheduled and the creative fire burnt out.
That man who visited us on Mother’s Day weekend came back to my mind after I opened the social media accounts, and I realized that it was Photography was that adventure that I would be joyfully undertaking.


Welcome 2018!

We are in a new year, with a fresh start!  Just wanted to share a few moments from 2017 that made this year personally memorable.  2017 would not have been such a success without your support!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

One more thing…

We are changing business hours for 2018:

Monday – Thursday: Afternoons & evenings
Friday & Saturday: Mornings, afternoons & evenings
Sunday: Afternoons

Looking forward to sharing SO many more memories with you this year.

Love, Justine

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This Summer, I had a client bless another family with a gift card.  That gift card was used on this adorable two week old baby named Benson.  He was such a sweetie and did a fantastic job.  Benson is one of the only babies I’ve ever had that had his eyes open for 90% of the session.

Hope you enjoy this snippet from the session.

Future football player?